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Setting Goals for Your Home Services Website

Ah, setting goals. Maybe you love it, maybe you hate it. The fact is that without setting certain targets to hit either personally or in business, you will never know if you’re making progress or not. Or worse you could be making money with your site but it may be underachieving. You could be leaving money on the table. So if you’re a plumber, landscaper, home builder, electrician, or residential painter you may wonder what are some home service website goals? What should I be tracking to know that my home service website is working for my business?

Every Home Services Website Needs Goals

First, determine what your website offers customers that ultimately brings your home services business monetary value. For example, it’s easy to say “getting customers to request our services or quote”. But is that the only goal that brings your home service business value? Not necessarily. For example, email subscribers, is there some value worth tracking? Sure is. Email subscribers could become your future customer or steady repeat customer. Growing your subscriber list is key to your email marketing efforts.

They may be potential customers that want to learn more about your company or service before they decide to purchase. So you want to make sure that you offer something of value in order to get a customer’s email. Customers guard their email addresses. They usually don’t give their email out to just anyone. But if what they are receiving is valuable to them. They are willing to give you their email address. As a home services business owner, you know the importance of generating customer leads and nurturing that customer leads.

What are some home service website goals you can set?

This is just a sample of a few website goals. The list goes on and on.

How can you track your home service website goals?

Google Analytics makes it easy for tracking goals. You can define what a goal is and what the dollar value it brings to your business. You can also a path that a user would likely follow to complete a goal. This allows you to see clearly where customers drop off in the process.

So evaluate what value your website provides your home services business. Set goals in Google Analytics and start tracking.

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