Why Should You Use Search Engine Optimization?

Get the attention of patients

Prospects are actively searching for dental services in your market. SEO helps improve the likelihood those prospective clients will find your company, instead of a competitor.

Strategy based on real data

We use real data to uncover the traffic patterns, keyword trends and search activity of your target audience—allowing us to make more informed and educated SEO recommendations. The result? Better rankings and more traffic!

We specialize in the dental industry

Instead of wasting time explaining to any old web marketing company the terminology of your industry, trying to get them to understand what it is you actually do, work with a company that is building an in-depth understanding of cutting-edge SEO techniques for your dental company.

How Does it Work? Our Process for SEO

Defining your goals.

Are you looking to generate candidates to recruit more caregivers? Are you interested in driving traffic from referral sources and securing new requests for care? Do you want both? Our team will work with you to define your specific SEO goals.

Competitive analysis.

We’ll examine your existing web presence and your top competitors’ online footprints. We will identify areas for improvement and highlight opportunities to grab more search traffic.

Keyword research.

We don’t guess! We use data to analyze how people search for your services. We combine this data with specific geographic and industry research to pinpoint the exact terms and phrases that will have the biggest ROI and drive the most traffic to your website.

On-page optimization.

Our copywriters and programmers will go to work optimizing the code and content on your site to attract the attention of search engines and your prospects.

Search engine submissions.

Most search engines will eventually find your website, but we speed up the process! We use advanced SEO submission tools to alert Google, Bing, Yahoo and dozens of other search engines about your website.

Continued reporting and analysis.

SEO isn’t a one-time event, it’s an ongoing process; after your initial SEO plan is implemented, we provide 30 and 90 day reports on keyword ranking and traffic. We also offer ongoing consultation and content development plans to maintain rankings and secure more traffic.

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