SEO Consulting Services

On a daily basis, your potential customers are searching for what your business provides, whether it's a product or services. But to be found in the major search engines, among the millions of available results, your site has to rank near the top. To rank higher in search, your site needs to go through a solid Search Engine Optimization process, or SEO. The process involves determining the best keywords to target, optimizing your site's function and design, and knowledge of your competitors. Our SEO services focus on improving search engine ranking for your website by using tried and true, organic and ethical methods.

* 6 month minimum contract required.

So what is the process?

  • Site audit. A complete analysis of your site to identify where improvements may be needed.
  • Design outline of improvements that will include better keyword usage.
  • Creating a list of keywords, and researching their potential reach. Some keywords could be a gold mine of opportunity that you may have never considered.
  • Naturally incorporate keywords into your site's content.
  • Competitor research. Who's linking to your competitor's sites? How do they rank for keywords you're targeting?
  • Identifying linking partners - sites that are relative to your industry, product or market.