Ecommerce solutions for small business

Let's face it: online shopping has taken over the world of commerce. Are you looking for an ecommerce design solution that can manage your unique business model and provide a strong brand image? At FocusPoint we work hand and hand with you to find an e-commerce design solution that best suits your business needs. We've been designing and developing e-commerce solutions for many years on both Linux and Windows technologies. Even if you’re a small or medium size business just beginning to consider e-commerce, we can help you to design and build an e-commerce solution that fits your requirements and budget. Our goal is to understand your ideal customer, and provide an intuitive, attractive design that improves and eases their shopping experience. If you're making your customers happy, we're happy!

What We Do


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We use the BigCommerce platform to set up and help you manage your ecommerce site. BigCommerce offers a secure and easy checkout experience, attractive themes and fast site-speed to help you focus on selling.

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Custom Design

A custom design centered on customer experience. We'll give you a design that encourages customers to buy your product.

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Third-Party Integration

To make your ecommerce site a success, you may need to integrate it with other resources. Whether it's controlling ordering or setting up a customer email list, we'll handle the integration process.